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Best Photoshop Alternatives That You Can Try 2020

Photoshop is probably the best-known program for photo editing and many businesses and artists rely on it. Still, nowadays, there are plenty of other photo editing applications that can offer similar and, sometimes, even better functionality that...


ESET Home User Security Solutions 2020 Review

ESET’s products for 2020 come with configurable security features Pros: Minimal impact on the system’s performance Highly configurable features Expert-level device control Cons: Results from testing labs aren’t very convincing Configurations may...


BitDefender Plus 2020 Review

BitDefender is a popular antivirus suite developed by a Romanian cyber-security company of the same name. This antivirus has a long history of keeping computers safe against all kinds of malware and it is (and has been for a long while) one of the...


Top-notch Apps for your Mac 2020

Mac Users usually say that once they get a hold of a Mac machine, there is no turning back. And, indeed, Mac computers combine excellent functionality, tons of great features and a wide range of apps to choose from. However, there are some great...


Top 5 most sophisticated hacking tools of 2020

Cyber attacks and instances of computer hackings have increased dramatically throughout this year, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown that the while world went into. Much of the workforce across the globe shifted to working...

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