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Thousands of MSSQL databases compromised by MrbMiner malware

The MrbMiner Malware A new crypto-mining malware known under the name of MrbMiner has recently made its way to the top of the security news headlines. This threat is a creation of a gang of cybercriminals that, over a period of a few months, has...


Contebrew Virus

Contebrew Contebrew is a Trojan horse virus that seeks to compromise different computers and to launch malicious activities in their background. The criminals behind Contebrew can use it for espionage, theft of personal data, banking fraud and more...


Beta-testing an Update for Windows 10 Start Menu

A fresh new look for the famous Start Menu may be one of the surprises that the Windows 10 users will see with some of the coming updates. A more simplified and beautiful design that fits more to the look of the operating system is what Microsoft is...


Dage Fah Virus

Dage Fah Dage Fah is a Trojan horse virus and is therefore among the most common infections you can land. Dage Fah can enter your system by exploiting certain vulnerabilities. For instance, if your computer lacks a competent antivirus program or has...

Browser Hijacker

Zeus “Virus”

This page aims to help you remove Zeus “Virus” Scam. These Zeus “Virus” scam removal instructions work for every version of Mac and Microsoft Windows – 10, 7 and more. Browser hijackers could be a form of panic-ware...

Browser Hijacker

Remove Microsoft Edge Virus

This article was created to help users remove the Microsoft Edge Virus. We recommend reading more about Microsoft Edge Virus Scam before moving on the to removal guide which can be found in the second half of the article.  It has not even been two...