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Piny Virus

Piny Piny is a file-encrypting infection that can restrict access to user files and demand a ransom payment for their liberation. Created by anonymous cybercriminals, Piny is malicious software used to extort money from web users, big and small...


Nbes Virus

Nbes Nbes is a malicious computer program that results in mass file-encryption once it infects a given computer. Nbes is aimed at locking-up the important user data found in the targeted machine so that it could later blackmail the victim for a...


Mkos Virus

Mkos Mkos is a harmful piece of Windows malware that is targeted at the victim’s files, as it seeks to make them inaccessible. The purpose of Mkos is to extort money from you by not allowing you to open your files until you pay a ransom. If you have...


All your files have been encrypted Virus

All your files have been encrypted “All your files have been encrypted” is a Ransomware virus that deprives web users of access to the files they store on a computer. “All your files have been encrypted” does that by scanning...