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PsiXBot Malware

This page aims to help you remove the PsiXBot Malware. Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows. PsiXBot PsiXBot is a hazardous computer software that is categorized as a Trojan Horse. Infections like PsiXBot are often used for...


TiWorker.exe Virus

TiWorker.exe TiWorker.exe is a legitimate Windows process but, sometimes a malware or virus may enter your system and conceal itself under the same name. To be sure that Tiworker.exe is not the malicious culprit in your computer, make sure that it...



W97M.Downloader W97M.Downloader is malicious software that can secretly act against the interest of the affected user. Once inside the system, W97M.Downloader can keep track of keystrokes, thereby stealing sensitive user information such as...

Mobile Threats

Xxwxx.dll Virus

Xxwxx Xxwxx is a multi-purpose malware from the Trojan horse type that can activate a number of malicious activities in the background of a system. Xxwxx can keep track of keystrokes, collect personal information, passwords, and login credentials...