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Xxwxx.dll is a piece of malware that can infect your Android device secretly and invite more malware in it. The xxwxx.dll virus may also display different spam messages on your screen and prompt you to click on questionable links and offers, as well as create dozens of intrusive ads during your web browsing sessions. Due to its multipurpossness, this malware is believed to be a Trojan Horse.


The Xxwxx.dll Virus 

A malicious program known as Xxwxx.dll Virus has gained control over your device and you’re wondering how to remove it? This is the place for you. Unfortunately, you have been attacked by a virus that is extremely dangerous and it is known better as a Trojan horse. It is highly advisable to clean this infection as soon as possible and in the next lines, you will find out exactly how to do that. Our “How to remove” team is dedicated to helping users like you fight against Trojans and safely remove them from their systems. Below you will find a manual removal guide with detailed instructions that will guide you through the whole process. But before you proceed to the instructions, you may like to learn how exactly you got infected, what is the risk that this Trojan could expose you to, and how can you prevent future infections. The answers to all these questions and more you will find in the next paragraphs.

Why should you be concerned?

As you already understood, Xxwxx.dll Virus is a Trojan horse infection and you have every right to be concerned about your security.  The reason is that the Trojan horse is not only a tale from the Trojan War myth, but a terrifying threat that is spreading out in the digital world. You may have heard that these types of online threats could be really sneaky and cunning. This is because they use some social intelligence techniques to spread around the web and infect users without any sign of suspicion. Trojans like Xxwxx.dll Virus usually camouflage themselves under common files and applications that users interact with daily. They appear like a seemingly harmless file, picture, application, email attachment, office file, even a song or a link that could easily deceive users’ alertness for the potential threat. The goal is simple. Trojans rely on the users’ curiosity to interact with the malicious file, and without knowing it to launch the infection.

Are there any symptoms of the infection?

Every Trojan virus has a mission, and so does Xxwxx.dll Virus . Once it infects the victim’s device, Xxwxx.dll Virus hides deep inside the system files until it activates the malicious actions it was developed for. Usually, it is used by the malware developers as a backdoor that helps them introduce some other malware on the computer or establish system control. Hackers can even get their hands on the victim’s personal information and steal some sensitive data or credentials. All this could be done through remote access that they have gained with the help of the Trojan. Cybercriminals can then control the machine, manipulate the system performance or cause it to crash, involve the infected device in various cybercrimes and botnets, etc. We believe that all this is enough to convince you that Xxwxx.dll Virus is really bad malware that you should remove immediately.

How did Xxwxx.dll Virus infect your device?

To catch a Trojan horse infection, you need to interact with infected content. Now, since you know how these infections spread through seemingly harmless files, the chance is you’ve clicked on the wrong one. It could be a spam e-mail, attachment link or image, even a file sent from a friend. A single click is usually enough to activate the threat and introduce it to the system.

What can you do to protect yourself?

There are several things you could do to prevent Trojan horse infections in the future. The easiest is to avoid suspicious content. Don’t get tempted to click on every e-mail you receive in your box and carefully check for spam and unknown attachments. If you have no idea why and how you got these messages, it is a good idea to delete them right away. Pirate content and downloads from non-reputable sources may also hide a security risk. To catch the threats, think about installing a good antivirus and anti-malware software. Make it a habit of running scans regularly and checking even files from people you know. This will reduce the chance of getting infected from random files you daily interact with. Also, keep your device updated to prevent system vulnerabilities.

How to follow the removal guide instructions?

First, keep in mind that Trojans are really hard to find and uninstall. We highly recommend you to very closely follow the instructions in the guide. Pay attention because you may need to interact with some important system files. If you are afraid to mess something up, you can download the recommended removal tool. It will help you clean the infection with a single click of a button, without the need to follow the manual instructions. At the end, let us know if we helped you. A single “thanks” in the comments is enough to motivate us to keep helping you and many others to deal with malware.


Name Xxwxx.dll Virus
Type Trojan

Xxwxx.dll Virus Removal


In the first step of this guide you will need to navigate to your Applicaiton Manager and find the internet browser that you are using as default. This could be either the main “Internet” App that is installed on your Android device or any other popular web browser such as Google Chrome or another one that you have installed.  

  • For that, start by going to the Settings menu of your device. 
  • Next, click on More.
  • Then, find the Appliation Manager.
  • When the Application Manager opens, select the All tab which is at the top. 

Screenshot 2015 08 04 18 34 44 Opt

You will see a list of all the applicatins that have been installed on your device. Search through the list and find the web browser app that is causing you trouble and click on it. Once you do that you will see an App info dialog on your screen.


In the second step, you will have to Force Stop the troublesome app and clear its data and cache. Now the instructions for that are essentially the same for the main “Internet” app as well as other  web browsers like Chrome and others.  Yet, to rule out the chances for any confusion, below we have described the instructiosn for both browsing apps separately: 

For people who want to remove the traces of the Xxwxx.dll Virus in their main “Internet” Browser:

Once you get inside the App info window, go for the Force Stop button and tap on it. It will forcefully stop the app from running.

Screenshot 2015 08 04 18 32 55 Opt

After that, find the the Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons and tap on them as well. This will delete any data and cache that has been stored in the browsing app. Keep in mind that this will also remove your login credentials (passwords, usernames, etc.)

.Screenshot 2015 08 04 18 33 42 Opt

For people who want to remove the traces of the Xxwxx.dll Virus in Google Chrome:

In the App info window of Google Chrome, go for the Force Stop button and press it. This will stop the browser from running all of its processes on your device.

Screenshot 2015 08 04 18 30 39 Opt

Next, clear its data and cache by clicking on the corresponding buttons as shown on the image below: 

Screenshot 2015 08 04 18 30 58 Opt


In the final step, you will need to restart your problematic web browser and see if you have resolved the issues related to the Xxwxx.dll Virus. In order to ensure that the changes and browser deletions are applied, it is a good idea to firstly reboot the Android device and then restart the browsing app in question.

  • Important!

Keep in mind that web ads cannot be stopped fully. Many websites inject ads on your screen while you are on their pages, thus, if you are still bombarded by various intrusive pop-ups, notifications and advertisements in your browser, then their origin may be the page you are visiting.

If you are seing ads on your screen when you are not using your web browser, however, then it is likely that some of the apps installed on your device might be generating them.

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