SearchLock “Virus” Removal (What is SearchLock?)

This page aims to help you remove SearchLock. These SearchLock removal instructions work for Chrome and Firefox as well as every version of Windows.

If you are wondering What is SearchLock – well it is a nasty program that pretends to keep you safe from the dangers in the Web space. Supposedly it will prevent you from making any unsafe and non-private searches and will re-direct you to a safe environment. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Then a wise person would ask himself – if it’s so good why is it free?

What is SearchLock

SearchLock Virus Removal

What is SearchLock really? A program that offers something of a Faustian deal. It will keep you safe…. from making any searches outside the range of companies that pay SearchLock to be included in their filters. Basically as long as you have it installed your search results will be redirected to include content from affiliate  companies who pay SearchLock royalties. Unfortunately the quality control about who gets included in the exclusive club of the program’s victims is basically whoever pays the fee, so you may be actually exposed to all kinds of dangerous sites that may contain viruses or phishing scams.

The saddest part is that this software is not downright fraudulent, so it cannot be classified as malicious software and be shut down from getting distributed officially. But as they say the devil is in the details.

Ironically your computer is more vulnerable to being spied on while you have SearchLock installed

This software is claiming to prevent big companies from spying on your searches and gathering data on you and that is sort of true – those companies are not getting that data – SearchLock is and it is free to sell that data anyway for extra profit! It has been reported to install tracking cookies for sites you visit through your searches – which is exactly the most commonly used tool to gather data on unsuspecting users – the kind of behavior this program is supposed to prevent.

Worse – it may also work as a browser hijacker making it impossible to get rid of through conventional means. If you are convinced that this program is up to no good and need it removed – this is the moment our Removal Guide steps in to help you and you will find it by reading through the rest of the article.

But how did your PC end up with SearchLock?

Our experience shows that very few people actually install this willingly on their computer. This program prefers to use 3rd party installers to come into your machine uninvited through the back door. There is a process called bundling, which involves loading a couple of programs in a single installer. This is usually a modified/infected installer of a well known program that has been downloaded from an unsafe location. Alternatively it could be the installer of some free software. Whatever the source may be whenever you try to install the main program the installer will also silently drop off the bundled programs as well.

If you do not want nasty surprises in the future similar to what is SearchLock we highly recommend that you forget using the Default installation option. Clicking the Advanced installation when installing any program will achieve the exact same result with a couple of clicks on the Next button, but it also has one massive advantage. It allows you to see if there are any bundled programs with the installer, what they are and you also receive the option to forbid them to install on your PC. Use this option whenever possible – it might save you a lot of headaches.


Name SearchLock
Type  PUP/Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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SearchLock “Virus” Removal

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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