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Bridlebuddles is a type of potentially unwanted software that can show you misleading notifications and urge you to buy some product that you may not need. Bridlebuddles is not a virus and can’t harm your PC but its presence in the system could lead to frustration so removing it is still your best option.

BridleBuddles is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that should be uninstalled.

There are many sketchy pieces of software on the Internet that may not necessarily be as harmful as Trojans, Rootkits, and Ransomware but are still regarded as unreliable or potentially unwanted and it is, therefore, better to uninstall them from your computer in case you have them in there. According to some users, one such app is Bridlebuddles – many security experts regard this software program as a bogus optimization tool that, instead of helping the user in any way, tries to lure them into purchasing its full version or some other obscure program of questionable quality.


Bridlebuddlesservice is a piece of unwanted software categorized that can be used to drain your system’s resources for cryptocurrency mining. Bridlebuddlesservice is closely related to the Idle Buddy Trojan and other malware and unwanted software of this type.

Bridlebuddlesservice is a type of potentially unwanted program (PUP) that sometimes gets referred to as a virus due to its suspicious behavior and distribution methods as well as due to the difficulties some users face when trying to remove it. Bridlebuddlesservice doesn’t directly harm the computer or target the victim’s data or software like some Trojans, Spyware, and Ransomware threats do. Instead, it quietly operates in the background, using up the system’s resources (CPU, RAM, and GPU) to generate income for its creators.

If you have Bridlebuddlesservice/ the bridlebuddlesservice.exe file on your computer, you may also have any of the following unwanted software/malware programs that are related to it and that would also need to be uninstalled:

Bridle Buddles

Bridle Buddles is a type of unwanted software that drains the resources of the computer it is installed on and uses them to mine different cryptocurrencies. Bridle Buddles isn’t damaging to the computer but it may affect the machine’s performance causing slow-downs and freezes.

Bridle Buddles tries to convince the user to keep the program on their machine by stating that there would be different rewards for allowing it to mine cryptocurrency using the system’s resources. However, any rewards one may receive from this program would hardly be worth allowing their computer to be used all the time by this unwanted cryptocurrency miner.

It is stated that Bridle Buddles only operates when the PC is turned on but isn’t being used so that it doesn’t disturb the user’s work when he or she is using the computer. However, there is no guarantee that the unwanted program wouldn’t eventually start to mine even when you are using the machine.

Another potential problem related to Bridle Buddles that must be considered is that this program gains all sorts of permissions in the systems it gets installed in. Though normally those permissions wouldn’t be used maliciously, the fact that you cannot easily limit them is concerning enough. There’s nothing stopping the creators of Bridle Buddles from attempting to abuse the permissions that their unwanted program has acquired on your PC. Before you realize it, you may end up with adware, browser hijackers, or other unwanted and/or dangerous software on your computer that has been added to it (directly or indirectly) by Bridle Buddles.

All things considered, it is best to delete this undesirable software from your computer as there’s little that would make it worth keeping it installed, and also the longer it is kept in the system, the higher the chances of ending up with more unwanted software in addition to Bridle Buddles.

Bridlebuddles client

The Bridlebuddles client is a PUP program that tries to convince the user to agree to have their PC’s resources used for the generation of cryptocurrency. While the Bridlebuddles client is active, the user’s computer is likely to experience slow-downs and other performance issues.

If you have the bridlebuddlesservice.exe file/executable on your computer, this means that the Bridlebuddlesservice client is installed in the system and needs to be removed.


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How to Uninstall Bridlebuddles

Trojans like Bridlebuddles are threats that can hardly be detected and removed without the help of a professional removal guide or an automatic removal tool. Yet, before you dig deeper into the instructions that follow, we suggest you try to remove Bridlebuddles from the Programs list on your computer:

  1. Tap on the Windows Start button (bottom left of the screen).
  2. Then, select the Control Panel and navigate to Programs and Features
  3. Select Uninstall a Program.
  4. In the list of programs, search for Bridlebuddles and uninstall it.
  5. Do the same for other unfamiliar or suspicious-looking programs.

There is a group of files in this directory: %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\bridlebuddles\bridlebuddlesservice.exe”.  The files you will find there are labeled BridlebuddiesClient and BridlebuddiesClient.exe.config and you need to uninstall them.

Attention! These instructions may not be enough to rid you of Bridlebuddles completely. That’s why, to ensure that the Trojan has no remaining files on your system, we recommend that you use the more detailed removal instructions in the guide that follows:


For the smooth and uninterrupted completion of the steps below, we advise you to Bookmark this page and boot the infected computer in Safe Mode.



*Source of claim SH can remove it.

With the computer booted in Safe Mode, press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys from the keyboard. This will launch the Windows Task Manager app on your screen.  Click on the Processes Tab and take a look at the processes that are listed there.


If you detect a process that is using way too much of the system’s resources or is unusual and looks suspicious,  right-click on it and select Open File Location. When you get to the file location of the process, scan its files with the help of the  free online virus scanner that is available here:

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    After the scan completes and you see the results, end the process whose files are infected, and delete their folders. 



    Next, go to your desktop and open a Run box by holding together the Start and R keys from the keyboard. Type appwiz.cpl in the Run box and click OK.



    The Control Panel window should open on the screen immediately. Once in it, look for programs and entries that look suspicious or are unfamiliar to you. Google them if needed and then Uninstall the questionable ones. If you get a prompt like the one on the image below,  when you try to uninstall a given entry make sure that you choose the NO button:





    *Source of claim SH can remove it.

    After you clean the Control Panel from any Trojan-related entries, type msconfig in the windows search field and press the enter key from the keyboard. This will open the System Configuration window:



    Click on the Startup tab and carefully check the entries with checkmarks. If you detect an entry with “Unknown” Manufacturer, or an entry that looks suspicious, remove its checkmark.

    Attention! In case you suspect that your computer is hacked, or a bigger threat (like ransomware) has compromised it, do the following:

    Press the Start and R keys from the keyboard and type the following command in the Run box that pops up:

    notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts

    The Hosts file on your computer will open. If the system is hacked, you will see some strange IPs under Localhost: 

    hosts_opt (1)


    We advise you to write to us in the comments in case you detect IPs like the ones in the image above under Localhost of your Hosts file.



    The last step of this guide contains instructions on how to detect and remove the Bridlebuddles-related entries from your Registry. The quickest way is to open the Registry Editor (type Regedit in the windows search field and hit the Enter) and opening a Find box (press CTRL+F keys from the keyboard). Type the name of the Trojan in the Find box, click on Find Next, and delete all the results. Repeat the search as many times as needed until there are no more results with this name.

    After that, go manually to the directories written below and delete/uninstall them:

    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Random Directory
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run/Random
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main/Random

    If after you complete the instructions Bridlebuddles still has not been fully removed, don’t leave the things halfway. Use the professional removal tool that we recommend and our free online virus scanner to check your system for hidden malicious files. 

    Also, don’t hesitate to share with us any questions and concerns in the comments below! We will do our best to answer them all.

    Additional information about Bridlebuddles:

    Bridlebuddlesservice is launched from the bridlebuddlesservice.exe executable and, at first, you may not even think that it is unwanted software because it might promise you different rewards for allowing it to use your computer for its mining activities. In addition, in most cases, the PUP would operate only when your computer is idle (when you are not using it) so that your work won’t get disrupted by cryptocurrency mining. That said, it’s still possible that this program becomes more aggressive and tries to mine even when you are working on the computer. Furthermore, even if Bridlebuddlesservice isn’t directly interrupting you, it is still making money through your computer while giving you little to nothing in return. In addition, as we already mentioned, many users report having difficulties deleting this PUP which further confirms that there might be more to it than initially meets the eye and not in a good sense. A legitimate program wouldn’t try to so firmly establish a foothold inside one’s system and stay there in spite of the user’s attempts to remove it.

    If you are lucky, you may be able to uninstall this software like you would uninstall a regular legitimate program but we suspect that things may not be that easy. Your antivirus may not detect the bridlebuddlesservice.exe file as malware or as something unwanted and this could make its removal more difficult because you won’t be helped by the antivirus. In that case, you can use the instructions from the current page and/or the suggested specialized removal software linked below that has been tested against PUPs like Briddlebuddlesservice and is capable of deleting them. Note that deleting the bridlebuddlesservice.exe file will not rid you of the PUP itself but it is still important to not interact with the executable to avoid launching the unwanted software (if it hasn’t already been activated).

    Last but not least, it’s worth noting that aggressive ads, pop-ups, and banners may start showing up on your screen especially when you are browsing the web if Bridlebuddles is in your system which could, in turn, lead to a number of safety issues with your computer.

    In most cases, the Bridlebuddles tool uses fake positives as means of scaring the users and making them think that their computer has been infected by some malicious program or that there are issues in the system that need to be solved. However, as we said, such warnings are likely to be exaggerated or outright false – you may have no issues in your PC and the Bridlebuddles app may still tell you that there are things that need fixing.

    Normally, once you install this app on your computer, it will run a scan of your system that will supposedly determine if there’s anything wrong with your machine. After the scan ends, even if there are no problems in the system, the unwanted software would still probably tell you that something in your machine needs to be fixed and then it will prompt you to buy a Product Key that would supposedly allow you to use the full set of features that the program offers. Since, however, most of the security reports regarding Bridlebuddles state that this app actually gives false positives, there’s probably no need to purchase anything in attempts to fix issues in your system that are likely non-existent, to begin with. Instead, it’s better to use the guide we’ve prepared for you and with its help remove the potentially unwanted optimization tool so that it doesn’t bother you anymore. 

    The Bridlebuddles Virus

    It’s possible that you may see some people on the Internet refer to Bridlebuddles as a virus or as malware and the reason behind this is the obscure and rather sketchy nature of this app. The truth, however, is different – this piece of software isn’t related to any malware category like PUPs, Ransomware, and other malicious types of software.

    Bridlebuddles is simply a software tool with questionable functionality that may use some obscure methods of making more users pay for its full version. We cannot comment on if or how effective or helpful the full version of this tool may be but the very fact that it may use false positives in order to get more users to buy its Product key should be enough of a reason for you or any other user to uninstall this app from their computer. As we already said, in case you need help with the removal of this program, you can use the instructions available on this page.


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