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Penint Penint is a browser hijacker type of application that has the ability to hijack almost all types of web browsers (including safe and secure ones such as Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc.) and to generate various types of commercial messages inside them. Penint

The Penint Virus will display pop up ads and windows

After it becomes part of your system (usually through software bundling or carelessly performed application updates), this dubious application may spam your monitor with pay-per-click ads, pop-ups, colorful banners, page-redirect links and messages, new tabs and similar sponsored commercials without taking into account your actual searches and your browser settings. What is more, Penint may even install some third-party search engine tools, toolbars, and buttons or replace your default homepage URL with some sponsored one.

Seoi Penint

Seoi Penint is a typical representative of a browser redirect – your browser experience will be often interrupted due to pop-ups and website redirects. Seoi penint will infiltrate your system most often due to preinstalled free software bundles as well as malicious websites.

As a result, every time you start a new browsing session, you may be automatically redirected to specific sites where you may be prompted to purchase some products or services or download and install some add-ons, plug-ins, optimization tools or similar software. If you want to get rid of these potentially unwanted activities, it is best to permanently uninstall their source and remove all the related components which may be causing page-redirects and sponsored ads positioning on your screen. To do this, you can either scan your system with an up-to-date removal software tool or follow the instructions in the removal guide below to manually get rid of Penint. Remember, however, that you need to reset your browser’s settings to completely remove the browser hijacker and its changes. If you want to fix your system faster, we recommend installing a professional removal tool. For instance, the suggested application, which you can find below, can help you with the process of removing Penint without taking any unnecessary risks. If you are considering the manual removal steps, we need to warn you that most browser hijackers tend to reinstall themselves if not uninstalled correctly. That’s why you need to carefully follow all the instructions to ensure successful removal.

The Virus

The messages and ads that Penint may generate most of the time may be very appealing and intriguing. According to the security specialists, all this is done with the sole aim to redirect the web users to some predefined websites, platforms, and pages, which promote certain products and/or services.

Technically, there is nothing illegal or worrying about this type of activity, but still, we do not advise you to trust everything that may get displayed on your screen because, sometimes, nasty threats (including Ransomware and Trojans!) and different viruses may hide inside such commercial messages. Applications such as Penint may generally try to promote legitimate stuff but it is perfectly possible that they may generate some hazardous content, which may accidentally sneak inside the stream of sponsored commercials. That’s why, in order to minimize the risk of clicking on something misleading or unwanted, it is simply better to remove the browser hijacker and uninstall all of its third-party search engines, toolbars and sponsored URLs before they lead you to something hazardous. Also, it is a good idea to scan your entire system with reliable antivirus software, which can provide protection not only against browser hijackers but also against real viruses and malware like Trojans, Spyware, and Ransomware.


Name Penint
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Penint Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.


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