Bridle Buddles Service

Bridle Buddles

Bridle Buddles is a highly dangerous malicious program of the PUP variety. If Bridle Buddles has infected your system, it can cause a large scale of damage. Therefore, it is crucial that Bridle Buddles be removed from the infected PC in a timely manner.

Bridle Buddles

The Bridle Buddles service taking up system recourses

PUPs are notorious malware pieces. In fact, they are easily the most infamous type of computer viruses out there.

And there is a good reason for that as well. As it so happens, PUP viruses are actually responsible for up to 90% of all malware attacks that occur via the internet. So with that in mind, it’s easy to see how PUPs win the race – even just in numbers alone.

But there’s also a reason behind their numbers, too. Hackers and cybercriminals of all sorts actually have a preference for PUPs because they’re just very versatile. You can program a PUP virus to complete a wide range of different malicious tasks for you. And it can do them all with a high likelihood of not attracting the victim’s attention. For that matter, it may not even come up on the radar of your security program either.

Bridle Buddles Service

Some of the more sophisticated malware variants like Bridle Buddles Service even have the capability of disabling your antimalware or antivirus software. And yes, it’s precisely as scary as it sounds.

This can allow the virus to go about its agenda and that agenda can be nothing short of harrowing.

Another bad side of the Bridle Buddles virus is that it might be bundled with other malicious software that can slow down your system. Such programs are:

Imagine being spied on by cybercriminals without even suspecting it. Imagine some strangers having remote access to your computer, your emails, social media accounts, webcam, mic, etc. Picture some evil individuals with malicious intentions gaining access to sensitive information like your passwords, personal information, social security numbers, login credentials, and so on.

That is precisely what a piece of malicious code like Bridle Buddles can provide such hackers with. And as a result, you could easily fall victim to various crimes from petty theft to identity fraud and more. It’s certainly not something anyone would wish upon themselves.

Other possible usages of PUPs like Bridle Buddles could involve the exploitation of your computer’s resources. For example, this could be done for the purposes of launching DDoS attacks or large-scale spam campaigns. An increasingly popular usage is the mining of cryptocurrencies, usually Bitcoin.

Bridle Buddles Client

PUPs like Bridle Buddles can also be used as backdoor viruses for other malicious threats, most commonly ransomware. Hence, they can be part of all sorts of scams and blackmail schemes, and this list goes on and on.

So as you can see, there’s plenty of room for a variant like Bridle Buddles to realize just about any malicious cyber criminal intent. And for this reason, it is highly important that you see to its removal immediately, if you have reason to believe that Bridle Buddles is on your computer.

Below is a detailed removal guide with the help of which you should be able to locate and manually eliminate this virus. But if you would rather be on the safer side and also scan your system for any other potential threats, then you can make use of our professional malware removal tool – available on this page, as well.


Name Bridle Buddles
Type PUP
Detection Tool

How to Uninstall Bridle Buddles

Bridle Buddles is a PUP that can be hard to remove but, some users may be able to get rid of it if they follow these quick instructions :

  1. Click on the Windows Start Menu button that is found in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. Navigate to Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Uninstall a Program.
  3. In the list of programs that will appear, search for Bridle Buddles and, once you find it, Uninstall it.
  4. Also, look for other unfamiliar and questionable-looking programs that you can’t remember installing and uninstall them too.

These instructions may help you handle Bridle Buddles, but may not be able to remove it completely. If this is your case, please use the step-by-step guide below:


In your browser, firstly Bookmark this guide so you can get back to it quickly when you need it.

Next, use the instructions in this link to reboot your computer in Safe Mode



Now, let’s open the Windows Task Manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) and head to the Processes Tab. In there, look for processes that could be related to Bridle Buddles. Keep in mind that it is not necessary that the dangerous processes have the same name as Bridle Buddles. PUPs are known to use camouflage and to mimic some regular system processes and tasks. That’s why you need to carefully research which of the listed processes in the Task Manager are dangerous and which are legitimate. 


Once you find a malicious process, right-click on it and, from the menu that opens, choose Open File Location. You will see different files contained in that location. Use the free online virus scanner on this page to scan those files and check if they are really malicious or not.

Each file will be scanned with up to 64 antivirus programs to ensure maximum accuracy
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    The files that get flagged as dangerous should be deleted along with the folder that contains them. Before that, however, go back to the Processes tab and end the processes that are linked to them.


    In the third step, you will have to open the Control Panel. A very quick way to do that is to press the Start and the R keys from the keyboard simultaneously. A Run box will show up on the screen and in its text field, you need to write appwiz.cpl just as it is shown on the image:


    Then, don’t forget to click OK to execute the command. The Control Panel window will open and when this happens, you need to look for suspicious entries in it. Uninstall everything that appears to be related to Bridle Buddles or looks suspicious.

    If you get interrupted by a window that looks like the one below when you want to uninstall something, make sure that you choose NO:



    Next, you will have to launch the System Configuration app. There are a few ways to do that but, if you want to save time, the easiest one is to type msconfig in the search field and then press the Enter key from the keyboard. The System Configuration window should pop-up immediately. You need to tap on the Startup tab, as shown on the image below, and look through the list of applications that have been set to start on startup.


    Seek for entries related to Bridle Buddles and uncheck the checkmarks in their checkboxes. Do the same for other entries that have “Unknown”  Manufacturer or appear to be unwanted and questionable.

    Attention! PUPs like Bridle Buddles may introduce other malware in the system without the victim’s knowledge. That’s why in case you have a suspicion that another serious threat, (such as ransomware or spyware) has compromised your computer, it is a good idea to do the following:

    • Press the Start and R keys from the keyboard at the same time. This will open a Run box where you need to copy the following command:

    notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts

    Click OK and this should immediately open the Hosts file of your computer. You need to go to where it is written “Localhost” and check if you can find there any unfamiliar  IP addresses. If your computer has not been compromised, there shouldn’t be any. However, if you are hacked, there will be dozens of IPs under “Localhost”. For more clearance, check out the image below:

    hosts_opt (1)

    Important! If you detect suspicious IPs below “Localhost” please, contact us by leaving a comment under this post. We will reply back with instructions on what to do next.


    Finally, you need to find and delete all the Bridle Buddles entries from the Registry Editor. Dealing with the Registry Editor and its entries, however, will require your maximum attention because deleting something else, which is not related to the PUP may seriously corrupt the Operating System.

    To open the Registry Editor app,  simply type Regedit in the windows search field and press the Enter key from the keyboard. Once it launches, open the Find dialog box by pressing CTRL and F keys simultaneously. Type the name of the threat in the empty text field and click Find More. Make sure that you delete any results that appear with this name by right-clicking on them and choosing Delete.

    Additionally, in case that there aren’t any results found with the Find function, navigate manually to the directories below and delete them.

    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Questionable Directory. 
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run/Questionable Directory
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main/Questionable Directory

    It may be difficult to decide which of the directories are malicious, that’s why if you aren’t sure what to delete, you can ask us for help in the comments below. In case that these instructions don’t work, you can save tons of time and avoid the deletion of something important by mistake if you use the recommended removal tool on this page, as well as our free online virus scanner


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