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Mac Virus

Search Snow Removal Mac

What is Search Snow? Search Snow is the name given to a colloquial group of malware that redirects to searchsnow.com and takes over users’ search engines. Search Snow is closely associated with Search Marquis and Search Baron, sometimes...

Mobile Threats

Iphone-notification.com Calendar Virus

Iphone-notification.com Iphone-notification.com is an application of the browser hijacking type that can make unwanted modifications to your main browser. For instance, Iphone-notification.com can substitute the default homepage address with a new...


Remove Ads by Testpid

Ads by Testpid You probably landed on this page because a constantly appearing stream of Ads by Testpid has been causing you some browsing disturbance lately. Ads by Testpid is an Adware piece of software, famous for its intrusive generation of ads...