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This category covers HowToRemove.Guide’s Reviews section. While initially focused on hunting for rogue applications and malware bundling with legitimate software, over time we became increasingly interested in both modern hardware and cutting-edge tools in security software.

With the rapidly changing landscape in the tech industry, we believe it is becoming increasingly more important to inform users with honesty on what they are installing on their machines and how to choose between the different models of these machines.


Combo Cleaner Review

As our day-to-day dependence on the internet and all things virtual increases at ever-greater speed, so does the number of security breaches and instances of cyber-attacks of every shape and size. Especially as of late, just even the numbers of...


Stellar Data Recovery Software

Stellar Data Recovery  With the ever-expanding popularity of Ransomware viruses and other types of file-targeting malware, the demand for tools that can recover lost and delete data has never been higher. Currently, there are many different apps and...


Shotcut 20 Review

Shotcut 20 Shotcut 20 is a free, open-source video editor that is both somewhat unassuming while also offering enough functionality that would satisfy more advanced and experienced users. A nice addition is its cross-platform compatibility –...


Hands on Review: Google Home Hub

Google Google Home Hub is an addition to Google Home products and the main difference here that a screen has been added to the mic and speaker to further assist and ease your interaction with the device. Visually, Google Home Hub looks like a tablet...


Google Pixel 3 Smartphone Hands on Review

On the 18th of October, the new Google Pixel 3 smarthpone will get released in the US with promises for a better camera and an improved design among other things when compared to last year’s Pixel 2 model. Here, we will go over the main changes that...


Hands on Review: Google Pixel 3 XL

Intro Google Pixel 3 XL will be the latest addition to the Pixel XL line of smartphones following the last year’s Pixel 2 XL. In this new model, the customers will be able to enjoy a number of improvements that make this device better than the one...


The Most Secure Web Browsers of 2018

This is probably the highlight of the Tor browser. It is incredibly difficult and resource-consuming for anyone to keep tabs on your browsing activity if you are using Tor. Tor is able to hide your identity by bouncing your web activity through a...


Wikibuy Review

In this WikiBuy review you’ll find answers for some popular questions: Is WikiBuy safe? How much money do you save? PROs and CONs of using WikiBuy? WikiBuy is a relative newcomer to the shopping scene and as such I did not find many WikiBuy...