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Mobile Threats

Sandegrl iPhone

Sandgerl Sandgerl is an iOS software component that randomly generates dozens of advertisements and redirects users’ searches to a new location within .To your relief, Sandgerl does not pose a direct danger to iPhones and iPads, but may be...


SLocker Trojan

SLocker SLocker is an invasive program with Trojan horse-like abilities. If SLocker its way into your system, it may cause irreparable damage, corruption, destruction, theft of valuable information or insertion of other nasty viruses. The SLocker...

Mobile Threats

Prelandappslab Virus

Prelandappslab Prelandappslab is an advertising software for Android devices that puts obstructive pop-ups on the screen and lockscreen. Prelandappslab can also monitor what you do on your device and transmit this information to its creators who may...

Browser Hijacker

“Properties” Chrome Extension Virus

“Properties” Chrome Extension “Properties” Chrome Extension is a browser hijacker application which may heavily disturb your browsing experience. “Properties” Chrome Extension place some unauthorized changes to...


Raspberry Robin Malware

Raspberry Robin One of the latest malicious programs which has been reported to our “How to remove” team goes under the name of Raspberry Robin. Raspberry Robin is yet another representative of the notorious Trojan horse family and if...

Browser Hijacker

Soksicme Virus

Soksicme Soksicme is a browser hijacking application that users may download and install on their computer along with some other free and attractive software. Typically, Soksicme, and similar ad-generating components may attach to the main Internet...

Security News


Industroyer2 malware targets Ukraine’s energy provider

Industroyer2, a new strain of the malware, was used to infect a Ukrainian energy provider. ESET and the Ukrainian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-UA) collaborated on the discovery of the threat. Recently, Sandworm threat actor (which...


The FFDroider and Lightning info-stealers are on the loose

The FFDroider Stealer FFDroider and Lightning Stealer are two new types of malware that may steal data and launch subsequent attacks, according to cybersecurity experts. A report by Zscaler ThreatLabz researchers reveals that Info-Stealer malware...

News Bulletin

HowToRemove.Guide is proud to present its merger with is a security website dedicated to firewall protection, security solutions and vulnerability detection. In the past we have worked with the team at to effectively help users who have reached out to us with malware infections concerning website servers and entire company networks.

HowToRemove.Guide is a website dedicated to helping thousands of malware-infected users every day through self-help removal guides. Recently we expanded into general security, software reviews and backups, while the folks at became increasingly interested in the consumer malware removal niche.

This has allowed both parties to quickly realize that a partnership can benefit everyone – and the users most of all. The experience and expertise brings to the table will allow us to rapidly improve the technical help we bring to our users, which will in turn lead to better service we hope we hope will turn into a community. The services and pages on will remain on this website and will be accessible to all users who need them.